Legends Of The Road

At the start of all legends...

Woolen “Wooly” Fletchaft, Hilde Greystone and Alwyn Seidl go off in search of the ale shipment for the wedding of Gorf Wex and Kayla Cooper. They discover the shipment waylaid by soliders of the Lord Yarmmaster. They are told the shipment is being seized for lack of taxes paid and that the three are being conscripted into the Yarmmaster’s service unless they can pay a dismissal fee of fifty gold coin.

Duanted by the soldier’s overwhelming force they are taken into service and the group drives east with the ale shipment in tow as well as three prisoners, the drivers meant to have taken the huge cask of brew to the wedding festival, caged in a prisoner transport wagon.

During the night, while the Lord Yarmmaster’s men are distracted by lights in the distance, Woolen dispatches the sleeping captain of the guard, a woman of some skill, in her sleep.

The guard soon move off to discover the source of the lights and never return, leaving the three from Bergholdt to escape with the shipment just before dawn and travel throughout the day, sure they had missed the festivities only to crest the hill overlooking their home to see smoke rising from it. The town had been attacked and ransacked in their absence and on the outskirts of the town they discover by whom. Goblins.

Now, after a valiant effort, they find themselves captured and badly wounded, stuffed in sacks and just waking to the smell of roasting meat.



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