“Old School”

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

*S*o far so good. The game is a rootin’ tootin’ success and I base that on feedback and how much fun I’m having. It’s a LOT like the old days. We’ve got our Pepsi, we’ve got ageless rock tunes, we’ve got a dungeon master’s guide (♪♫ I’ve got Kitty Pride, and Nightcrawler too… ♪♫) and we’ve got enthusiastic players willing to suspend disbelief for a few hours on Friday night. It’s an excellent mix.

So far we’ve had two sessions and what we haven’t had is bitching about rules. I’ve been trying to stay flexible, use what makes sense and chuck what doesn’t but all in all the 2nd Edition system (with the 1st Edition Monster Manuals) have carried us through. The plan is to run this game through February and then switch off to Preston’s leading the helm. I don’t know what he’ll run but it might or might not be D&D.

The party needs a priest of goodly faith (or at least a follower of an evil god who will at least consider healing his lackeys) that will protect them from the horrors that lie ahead. I have terrible trials and fabulous prizes in store so look out!

And when the first few chords of ‘God Of Thunder’ fills the room to mix with the sound of dice hitting the coffee table and the aroma of pizza blends with the vague hint of fear at what lurks just beyond that locked iron door, I hope you’ll be there with me to experience what I have to say is as close to time traveling back to the 80’s has been for me in ages.


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